Janneke Hoeben | PRODUCT DESIGN
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Educated as a fashion designer, I started designing fashion collections for different target & product groups. Because of my broad interests, I really liked to design the total package. Learning tons of technical aspects and enjoyed learning to communicate and decide with producers about styles and fabrics. Not only I designed for different product groups in fashion (woven, jersey, knit) but to create a total look, I often designed accessories to complete the collection. Now as a print & product designer, I am happy with my knowledge designing different products, since this is beneficial for prints and placements.


On the left you’ll see some work I did for the Casual Men department at WE Fashion. I designed the jersey styles & artworks. Sourcing fabrics and trims, designing and drawing the jersey collection and summer accessories (including size specs). This is interesting since I started to learn more about the technical side of printing. And the different techniques to create more depth and structure in artworks.


I show you some older fashion design, from my early days at the Bijenkorf as well. As a career starter I dived head first into this job, designing several private labels for different target groups. I still like the fashion design I did those days, especially because the styles were drawn by hand. Truly learned a lot about size specs, communicating with producers and working together as a team with de buying department. Lovely job!


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