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I am a designer, but because of my personal interest in health and since I wanted to do work which is more socially engaged, I started a Bachelor study Nursing in 2019. After the first year I switched to a Master study Crossover Creativity to become a social designer. To top it off, we’ve moved to live next to the ocean. To work on our surfing skills… One is never too old to learn!


Study Master Crossover Creativity (start 2020): I’m really happy and excited to have found a study where I can combine my nursing knowledge and my experience as a (commercial) designer. Now I can learn how to use my design skills and creativity to solve problems and issues in the health & care sector. I’m hoping to combine the two in my future work as a social designer.


Study Bachelor Nursing (2019-2020): I started my Bachelor study Nursing in 2019. I didn’t feel motivated anymore to design more commercial driven products, only to sell a lot of them… I felt it would be good to try something completely different, start all over and learn something new. After 15 years of professional work in the commercial fashion industry, I was ready for the big change. Both my parents worked in healthcare, and because of my interest in health and food I decided to do it: quit my job, bought a lot of books and went back to school. I have learned so much in that first year! I enjoyed going to school again and learn about something completely new. And, maybe the best part, it got my creative juices flowing again! Although I liked studying to become a nurse a lot, I missed to use my creative brain. And by the end of the first year I decided to combine the two (creativity & health) in a new masters study.


Learning to surf: this is not work related, but I think it is important to mention. It completely changed our life and vision on how to live. In 2016 my husband Frank and I started to take some surfing lessons… We were ‘stoked’ from the start… At this point, a few years later, we have made a wonderful  three months surfing trip along the whole west coast of the US .We also moved from an inland city, Utrecht, to a coastal town, Katwijk aan Zee, so we can surf & sup every day, if we want… Maybe we will never surf on a high level, but for us it’s all about being in the water, spending time together and never feel too old to learn something. And be happy with the baby steps we make along the way!


NCDO-Battle of the Cheetah’s: I participated in a team during the NCDO competition Battle of the Cheetahs, a competition on solving food and health problems. With our team we developed ‘Too good to waste’, a concept focussing on the problem of food waste. We won the battle! I was responsible for the visual presentation, the identity and logo design.


Entrepreneur: I am so happy that I tried to be an entrepreneur! This is something that didn’t came naturally to me: being my own boss. Although I really liked working for different clients, doing some really nice projects as the first specialised culinary illustrator of the Netherlands (and maybe Europe even). Starting my own brand in kitchen textiles. Working all by myself just wasn’t for me. I tried it for almost five years. I am really happy I did it, because now I know this was not the ultimate way to work for me. I am not saying that I will never try it again. You never know what the future will bring, but for now I prefer working in a team to bundle everyones’ strengths.


Want to see more? Please drop me a line to get in touch!