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Welcome to my website! Here you’ll find a small selection of my work. Hope you like what you see. If so, please let me know if I can help you with anything regarding concept, product or print design! If you want to see more work or get in touch, no problem. Just scroll to CONTACT and send me an e-mail!


I hope you saw my work in PORTFOLIO already… Well, you came this far. So maybe now you want to know a little more about me… Here we go!

…and this is what I do:

I love to work! I started out as a fashion designer, designing several collections for different target groups at different companies. From concept to technical drawings, from color card to collection books. During my work as a designer I developed a big love for prints & illustrations (already did a lot of them myself) and really wanted to get more into this specialazation. To do so, I wanted to work on a freelance base for as many as possible different clients. Not only prints and clients in the fasion industry, but also logos and prints used for napkins & wallpapers. Because of my love for food and food trends, I started a project as so called culistrator (specializing in culinary illustrations). Did some really nice projects, for very big international clients (HMSHost Europe, Schiphol). And for a lot of restaurants and chefs also. Exciting times, awesome work done, but to do this all by myself wasn’t for me! So, with all my new skills (from hand drawn illustrations to very difficult layered photoprint repeats), my experience in concept and design I am now working as a product and print designer. I really love it!


So this is what my job looks like. Next to that I reeeaaaally like: swimming (long distance, get out of my way!), surfing (yes you can in the Netherlands, also in winter), and, of course dining out (yes yes yes, all over he world).


I love my job, and I love working fulltime! At this point in time I don’t do freelance work because working an awesome job. But if you think it’s a good idea we get in touch, please let me know! Hope you enjoyed my work, and if you did, please let me know if I can help you with anything!



 janneke.hoeben@ gmail.com


+31 (0)6 185 33 638